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2. How to select proper inverter?
Create Date: 01/01/0001

Before purchasing any inverter, the following questions should be made clearly: DC voltage, loading size and type . Generally, DC voltage of the inverter has only one grade, users can choose corresponding inverter according to DC power supply. Loading size and type are the important factors that users should consider when select any inverter. Maximum output power of inverter is fixed, if choose loading with compressor, its starting power will exceed several times of rated power, so inverters with big output power have to be chosen as a result. 

When determining continuous power and surge (peak/starting) power, you need to consider how much power do your devices require to start up (surge power), and also the continued running requirement (continuous power).

What is meant by the terms of "continuous 2000 watts" and "peak/surge 4000 watts"? Some devices with motor require an initial surge of power to start up ("surge power" or "peak power"); once started, they require less power to continue to operate ("continuous power").

To calculate approximate surge power:

   Watts X 2 = Surge power

This formula yields a close approximation of the surge power, though some may require even greater ones.

Note: induction motors such as air conditioner, refrigerator, freezer and water pump may have a start up surge of 3 to 7 times than the continuous ratings.

The below tales are general rated power of some home devices, the induction motors are marked with *.

 Common appliances:

ApplianceEstimated wattsApplianceEstimated watts
Coffee pot (10 cups)1200VCR40-60
Coffee pot (4 cups)650CD or DVD player35
Cappuccino maker1250Clock radio50
Coffee grinder100AM/FM car cassette8+
Blender300Satellite dish30+


(600 to 1000 W cooking power)


(elec. consumption)

Vacuum cleaner300-1100
Waffle iron1200Christmas lights (50)25
Hot plate1200Space heater1000-1500
Frying pan1200Iron1000
Toaster oven1200Washing machine920
Blow dryer900-150012"   3 speed table fan230
TV   - 25" color 300
- laptop50-75- 19"   color TV or monitor160
- PC & monitor200-400- 12"   black & white30
- Printer-inkjet60-75- 13"   color TV/VCR combo230
*Refrigerator/freezer600Game console (X-box)100
*Freezer500-800*Furnace fan (1/3 hp)1200

Common tools:


ToolEstimated wattsApplianceEstimated watts
Jig saw3001/4" drill250
Band saw12003/8" drill500
Table saw18001/2" drill750
6 1/2" circ. saw1000Shop Vac 5 hp1000
7 1/4" circ. saw1200+*Sabre saw500
8 1/4" circ. saw1800*Portable grinder1380
Disc sander1200*Electric chain Saw 14"1200
Makita chop saw1550*Airless sprayer 1/2 hp600
Makita cut off saw1000*Air compressor 1 hp2000

Pumps and air conditioners:


PumpRunningStartingAir conditioner
*Well pump 1/3 hp7501400-3000*7000   BTU to 10000 BTU
*Well pump 1/2 hp10002100-4000Running:   1000-1500. Starting: 2200-5000.
*Sump pump 1/3 hp8001300-2900(A/C's are a   very difficult load because of the high start-up surge. Use the locked rotor   amps to determine the start up surge requirement).
*Sump pump 1/2 hp10502150-4100

Note: the wattages given above are estimated, the actual ones required may differ from those listed. Check the nameplate to determine the actual wattages required.