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L10-400K3/3 Series UPS (3 Ph in 3 Ph out)
L10-400K3/3 Series online UPS also adopts 4 layer PCB. The capacity can be from 10KVA~400KVA, be widely applied to the telecommunication, bank, stock exchange centre, transportation, industry etc.
Key Features


 Pure sine wave output, true on-line dual conversion design

 High efficiency IGBT (insulated gate bipolar transistor) inverter technology

The 6th generation low-exhaust and big-power IGBT with excellent high speed switch feature, high voltage feature and large current feature.

● Touch screen display, with the simple operation and Intuitive data, optional display language and logo

 Set the work mode on the display directly, UPS mode, ECO mode, EPS mode

 Intelligent detecting function

This system microprocessor can continually online detect power status, the breaker status and all the working status of the circuit.

● Excellent load feature

It is completely capable to load from 0-100% while no need to change to bypass, which make sure the output reliable.

 Three phase separately control, realizes the control of instantaneous over-loading balance, so as to reach 100% unbalanced load.

 Perfect protection

Input/output over/low voltage protection, input surge protection, phase sequence protection, battery over charge/discharge protection, short circuit protection, over-temperature protection and so on, as well as alarm function.

● Selectable battery inspection module

Can test the single parameter and display on the LCD, battery failure will immediately alarm and inform the administrator.

 High-powered dynamic feature

Adopt kinds of feedback control such as instantaneous control mode and virtual value, not only reach the high dynamic adjustment, but also reduce the output voltage distortion.

 Optional input harmonic filter or 12 pulse rectifier

Effectively restrain the input THD, raise UPS input power factor, reduces the input THD current.

● Cold start

 Generator compatible

● Intelligent communication

With RS232 and RS485 standard collocation, optional SNMP and dry contact

Nominal capacity(KVA)10KVA20KVA30KVA40KVA60KVA80KVA100KVA120KVA160KVA200KVA300KVA400KVA
WaveformPure sine wave online
Phase3 phase +N+G
Input power factor>0.8, >0.95
Nominal input voltage220/380VAC, 230/400VAC, 240/415VAC
Nominal input frequency50Hz±10%, 60Hz±10%
Output ripple2
Soft start0100%   5s
Charge modeConstant current to constant voltage, with temp   compensation; with auto change
Float voltage432VDC
Boost voltage464VDC
Temperature compensation voltage3mV/℃(monomer)
Charge current0.1C(automatically change according to battery   capacity)
Charge power20of rated capacity
Battery typeMaintenance-free lead acid battery
Battery capacity7999AH   settable(according to the capacity)
Battery number32pcs 12V, or 192pcs 2Vnominal voltage 384VDC
Phase3 phase +N
Rated powerRated capacity×0.8
Nominal voltage220/380VAC, 230/400VAC, 240/415VAC
Output voltage stability±1%(stable load); ±3%(fluctuant load)
Output frequency stability50Hz/60Hz±0. 5%
Crest factor> 3:1
Output waveform distortionPure sine wave, linear load<3%;non-linear   load<5%
Dynamic characteristicsInstant voltage<±5%(from 0 to100%), instant   recover time<10ms
Unbalanced load voltage±5%
Overload protection125% 1 minute; 150% 1s; 200 200ms
Efficiency>95(full load)
Phase3 phase +N
Nominal voltage220/380VAC, 230/400VAC, 240/415VAC
Transfer time<1ms(static switch with 0 transfer time)
Input protectionInput voltage/frequency over limited; wrong   phase; lack phase protection
Output protectionOver current; short circuit; factor low   protection
Battery protectionOver charge; over-discharge protection
Temperature protectionEnvironment over temperature protection;   inverter over temperature protection
Hardware failure protectionAssistant power abnormal, breaker cut off,   breaker overload, power devices over current/over voltage etc. protection
System parameters
Working environmentTemp: 040℃, relative humidity 30%90 %
(1% decrease against 100 meters’   rise, altitude 4000 meters Max)
Cooling down methodCompulsive ventilation(with temperature   control)
Communication interfaceRS232, RS485; optional SNMP card(for internet   long distance monitor)
Redundancy functionTandem hot backup or parallel connection
Anti-surge capacity10/700μS, 5KV; 8/20μS, 20KA
Protection levelIP21
Safety performanceVin-n Vout-n 3000VAC, creepage<3.5mA,   insulating resistance>2MΩ(500VDC)