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HR1-6KS/L Series Rack Mount UPS (1 Ph in 1 Ph out)
HR1-6KS/L series online UPS adopts DSP all-digital control technology, with rack mount convertible function design, greatly improve the UPS adaptability to the installation modes.
Key Features


 True double-conversation online technology

 DSP technology for all-digital control, high reliability

Input power factor correction >0.98 

 Wide input voltage (115VAC-300VAC)

 Output power factor 0.8/0.8(optional @ environment temperature below 30 degree)

 Output voltage: 200/208/220/230/240VAC

● 50HZ/60HZ frequency converter mode

 LCD and LED user interface

 Short circuit, Overload and Over temperature protection

 Automatically restarts when utility power restores after UPS shutdowns due to battery low


EMI/RFI noise filter

Generator compatible

Optional SNMP card slot

Smart RS232communication

Phase1/1 Phase, 1 wire+N+G
Nominal   Voltage220VAC
Voltage   Range115 ~ 300VAC176~276VAC
Frequency   Range46~54Hz(default), user   adjustable within 40~60Hz46~54Hz
Power   Efficiency0.970.98
ConnectionIEC320-10A inletIEC320-16A inletTerminal block
Output   Voltage220/230/240VAC ± 2%
Power   Factor0.7
Frequency   RangeSynchronized 46-54Hz (Line mode), 50/60HZ±0.2HZ(battery mode)
Voltage   Regulation±2%
Overload   Capacity108%-150% for 30 seconds105%-130% for 10 min
>   150% for 300 ms> 130% for 1 min
Crest   Power3:1 (max)
WaveformPure sine wave
Voltage   Distortion 2% for linear load, 4% for non-linear load
Transfer   Time0ms (line to battery mode)
Protectionsoverload, short circuit, over temperature, surge, line abnormal
Efficiency 90%
Automatic   TransferOn overload and UPS failure
Before   UPS Power-onDefault “NO”, user   adjustable to “YES”Yes
Voltage   Range80~264VAC(default), user   adjustable within 80~286VAC176~261VAC
Indications and alarm
LEDLoad level, Battery level, AC mode, Battery mode, Bypass mode and Fault   indicators
Audible   AlarmBattery mode, Bypass mode, Low battery/Charger fault, Overload, Fault.
Interface   PortRS-232
Intelligent   SlotWebPower SNMP/Web card, AS400 card, WinPower CMC Optional
Operation   Temperature0-40
Relative   Hummidity20-90%RH(non-condensing)
Noise   Level<55dB
Battery Pack
DC   Voltage36V (12V*3PCS)72V (12V*6PCS)96V (12V*8PCS)240V (12V*20PCS)
Gross   Weight (KG)1625.658.2
Net   Weight (KG)15.310.311.218.3