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3K-22K 380V Three Phase Solar Pump Inverter
PT3 series 3K-22K 380V three phases solar pump inverter with utility/ generator input, MPPT optimized design, RS485/WIFI/GPRS ports, IP65.
Key Features

Drive power power-matched three phase AC pump

Adopt advanced IGBT power module

High conversion efficiency, low temperature rise, low noise long lifespan

Advanced MPPT, efficiency>99%

LCD display

IP65protection grade, integrate with combiner box and distribution unit



DC   Input
MPPT No.1111111111
Max. Input Strings2223336666
Start Voltage (V)250250250250250250250250250250
Max. Input Current (A)9111219222431323846
Max. Input Voltage (V)900900900900900900900900900900
MPPT Voltage Range (V)500~680500~680500~680500~680500~680500~680500~680500~680500~680500~680
AC   Input
Input Voltage Range (V)380±15%380±15%380±15%380±15%380±15%380±15%380±15%380±15%380±15%380±15%
Input Frequency Range (Hz)50/60±5%50/60±5%50/60±5%50/60±5%50/60±5%50/60±5%50/60±5%50/60±5%50/60±5%50/60±5%
AC   Output
Rated Output Power (W)300040005500750092001100013000150001850022000
Rated Voltage (V)380380380380380380380380380380
Output Voltage Range (V)0~4400~4400~4400~4400~4400~4400~4400~4400~4400~440
Output Frequency (0~50/60)(0~50/60)(0~50/60)(0~50/60)(0~50/60)(0~50/60)(0~50/60)(0~50/60)(0~50/60)(0~50/60)
Max. Output Current (A)8101118212428303945
General   Data
Display ScreenLCD
Cmmunication PortRS485 / CAN / GPRS
Protection GradeIP65
Operating Altitude (m)6000   (3000 derating)
Cooling ConceptNatural cooling
Operating Temperature range ()- 25 ~ +60
Dimension (D*W*H  mm)478*325*155528*346*166583*405*190
Weight (kgs)121422.5

Three - Phases AC 380V 50/60Hz
Inverter ModelInverter   PowerMax   Input CurrentMax   Output CurrentApplicable Motor Power
PT3-30003kw9A8A3kw / 4HP
PT3-40004kw11A10A4kw / 5.5HP
PT3-55005.5kw12A11A5.5kw / 7.5HP
PT3-75007.5kw19A18A7.5kw / 10HP
PT3-92009.2kw22A21A9.2kw / 12.5HP
PT3-11K11kw24A24A11kw / 15HP
PT3-13K13kw31A28A13kw / 17.5HP
PT3-15K15kw32A30A15kw / 20HP
PT3-18.5K18.5kw38A39A18.5kw / 25HP
PT3-22K22kw46A45A22kw / 30HP