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MCT Series Commercial Central Inverter
MCT Series three phase central inverter with advanced system intelligence, rapid control boost PV plant KWH yield, with famous components, DC/AC disconnected switches, high efficiency and stability.
Key Features

Advanced performance

With the advanced system intelligence, highly speed MPPT technology, industrial-grade engineering and compete fault protections, MCT series central commercial inverters maximize system uptime and power production, even in harshest environments

DSP-controlled IGBT circuitry to achieve high efficiency, reliability and low installing cost

MCT- KT series grid-tied inverters are integrated with an isolation transformer

MCT- KTL series grid-tied inverters have a max efficiency of 98.6% without a transformer

● Multiple work mode, SVG (Static Var Generator) mode, Anti-Reverse Power control mode

Optimal MPPT technology

Rapid and accurate control boost PV plant KWH yield

● Provides a wide range of operation voltage

Utility-ready features

Open communication protocol, compatible with any third-party monitoring system and easily integrated into SCADA systems

Remote control of real and reactive power

ZVRT (Zero voltage ride through)

Power factor control

Simplified grid interconnection

Increased PV plant yield

Rapid and accurate MPPT control increases PV plant KWH yield by extending the production window of arrays, enabling them to operate at optimal voltage and current levels for longer periods of time-even in varied sunlight conditions to maximize efficiency and enable you to get the most from your investment


Built-in DC and AC disconnected switches

Input (DC Side)
Max. DC Input power (KW)285570715
Max. DC voltage (Vdc)1000
MPPT operating range (Vdc)450~820   (Start voltage 470Vdc)500~820 (Start voltage 520Vdc)
Number of parallel inputs512
Number of MPPT trackers1
Max. input current (A)60012001400
Output (AC Side)
Nominal output power (KW)250500630
Max. output power (W)275550693
Nominal output current (A)3625357259159101155
Max. output current (A)400   589 800   1006 1000   1270
Nominal output voltage (Vac)400270400315400315
AC output voltage range (Vac)*360-440243-297360-440283-347360-440283-347
AC grid frequency range (Hz)*50/60±5
Power factor0.9 (leading)~0.9 (lagging)
THDI<3% (at nominal output power)
Max. efficiency97.3%98.4%97.3%98.5%97.5%98.6%
Euro. efficiency96.8%98.0%96.6%98.0%97.0%98.2%
MPPT efficiency99.9%99.9%99.9%99.9%99.9%99.9%
Operation temperature ()-25~+60 (Derated power above 50)
Ititude(m)6000 (derated power above 3000m)
Noise [dB(A)]≤65
Operating consumption(W)<100
Electrical isolationTransformerTransformerlessTransformerTransformerlessTransformerTransformerless
Colling conceptFan cooling
Degree of protectionIP20
Communication RS485
Dimension (W*D*H)mm1400*900*18501000*900*18502700*900*22001700*900*18502900*900*18501700*900*1850
Weight (kg)17508903050142733001688