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SMC1 Series MPPT Solar Charge Controller
SMC1 series is a max. power point tracking function with high efficiency MPPT solar charge controller, with 15-40A rated charge current, 12V, 24V,48V system automatic recognition.
Key Features

Advanced MPPT technology, conversion efficiency up to 99%

12V/24V/48V battery system (automatic recognition)

Rated charge current: 15A/20A/25A/30A/40A

Maximum PV input voltage up to DC100V

Paralleled operation up to 100 units

 RS232 communication port

LED display: Charging current, charging Voltage

Battery types: Gel (defaulted), Sealed Lead Acid, Vented, , Ni-Cd and user-defined

Charge mode: three stages (fast/ constant/ floating charge), which prolongs service life of the battery

● Discharge mode: ON/OFF mode, double time control mode, PV voltage control mode etc.


Charge   ModeMPPT(maximum power point tracking)
Charge   MethodThree stages: fast charge (MPPT), contant voltage, floating charge)
System   TypeDC 12V/24V/48V (Automatic recognition)
System   Voltage12V system: DC9 ~ 15V, 24V system: DC18 ~ 30V, 48V system: DC36 ~ 60V
Soft   Start Time≤3s
Dynamic   Response Recovery Time500us
Conversion   Efficiency96.5%, 99%
PV   Modules Utilization Rate99%
Input Characteristics
MPPT   Working Voltage and range12V system: DC14 ~ 100V, 24V system: DC30 ~ 100V, 48V system: DC60 ~   100V
Low   Voltage Input Protection Voltage12V system: DC14V, 24V system: DC30V, 48V system: DC60V
Low   Voltage Input Recovery Voltage12V system: DC18V, 24V system: DC34V, 48V system: DC65V
Max   DC VoltageDC100V
Input   Overvoltage Protection VoltageDC110V
Input   Overvoltage Recovery VoltageDC100V
Maximum PV Power12V system (W) 213W284W355W426W568W
24V system (W)426W568W710W852W1136W
48V system (W)852W1136W1420W1704W2272W
Output Charge Characteristics
Selectable   Battery Types Sealed lead acid, Vented, Gel, Ni-Cd battery (Other types of batteries   also can be defined, default type is GEL Battery)
Constant   / Floating Charge VoltagePlease check the charge voltage according to battery's type form.
Over   Charge Protection Voltage12V system: DC14.6V, 24V system: DC29.2V, 48V system: DC58.4V
Rate   Charge/ Output  Current15A20A25A30A40A
Current-limiting   Protection25A30A35A44A55A
Max.   Current (DC Loads)30A
Temperature   Factor±0.02%/
Temperature   Compensation14.2V-(The highest temperature -25)*0.3
Output   Ripples (peak)200mV
Output   Voltage Stability Precision±1.5%
Discharge Characteristics
Rated   Output Current30A
Discharge   ProtectionFuse 30A*2
Control   ModeOn mode, Off mode, PV voltage control mode
Discharge   Voltage ProtectionOutput off when it under setting voltage (Defaulted 10.5V, setting   based on 1 battery.)
Communication Features
RS232 Choose COM communication
Input/   Output Polarity Reversal ProtectionYes
Short-circuit   ProtectionRecover after eliminating the Short-circuit fault, no problem for long   term Short-circuit
Temperature   Protection95 ( Above 85, output power decreasing,   temperature will decrease 3A/)
Other Parameters
Thermal   Heat-dissipating MethodAir coolingFan cooling
Environmental   ProtectionCompliance to 2002/95/EC, no cadmium hydride and fluoride.
SmellNo peculiar smell and toxic substances.
Size   (DxWxH)mm205*150*60
Packing   Size (DxWxH)mm265*200*110
N.W   (KG)1.8
G.W   (KG)2
Type   of Mechanical ProtectionIP21
Humidity/   Altitude0-99% RH ( No condense)/ 0-3000m
Operating/   Storage Temperature-20 ~ + 40/ -40 ~ + 75
Atmospheric   Pressure70~106KPa