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SMC1 Series MPPT Solar Charge Controller
SMC1 series is a max. power point tracking function with high efficiency MPPT solar charge controller, with 40-60A rated charge current, 12V, 24V,48V system automatic recognition.
Key Features

High converting efficiency higher than 97%

Built-in MPPT tracker is quipped in the power inverter to optimize the power transformation

Reversed current protection for preventing equipment damage

Automatic battery temperature compensation for long-term reliability

● The solar charge controller is suitable for various types of batteries for the different charging modes

 Capable of connecting additional DC load for wider applications

● Three stages charge control system (bulk, absorption) and float mode with temperature compensation

LED indicators display charge status in real time

Rated Voltage12V24V48V12V24V
Rated Charge Current                                                        (include load current)40A60A
Load Current10A
Input Voltage   Range15~45V 30~100VDC60~100VDC30~70VDC
Max. PV Open   Circuit Array Voltage45VDC100VDC100VDC70VDC
Overload   Protection (DC load)2.0* Inom > 5s
1.5* Inom > 5s
1.25* Inom temperature controlled
Typical Idle   Consumption<10Amp
Charge Specification
Bulk Charge (default)14.6VDC 29.2VDC58.4VDC14.6VDC29.2VDC
Floating   Charge (default)13.4VDC26.8VDC53.6VDC13.4VDC26.8VDC
Equalization   Charge (default)14.0VDC28.0VDC56.0VDC14.0VDC28.0VDC
Over Charge   Disconnection14.8VDC29.6VDC59.2VDC14.8VDC29.6VDC
Over Charge   Recovery13.6VDC27.2VDC54.4VDC13.6VDC27.2VDC
Over   Discharge Disconnection (default)10.8VDC21.6VDC43.2VDC10.8VDC21.6VDC
Over   Discharge Reconnection13.2VDC24.6VDC49.2VDC13.2VDC24.6VDC
Temperature   Compensation- 13.2mV/- 26.4mV/- 52.8mV/- 13.2mV/- 26.4mV/
Lead Acid   Battery SettingsAdjustable
Ni-Cad   Battery SettingsAdjustable
Load   Control Mode1. Low Voltage Reconnect (LVR): Adjustable
2. Low Voltage Disconnect (LVD): Automatic   disconnection
3. Reconnection: Includes warning before   disconnection & reconnection
Low Voltage   Reconnect12.0~14.0VDC24.0~28.0VDC48.0~56.0VDC12.0~14.0VDC24.0~28.0VDC
Low Voltage   Disconnect10.5~12.5VDC21.0~25.0VDC42.0~50.0VDC10.5~12.5VDC21.0~25.0VDC
Ambient   Temperature0~40 (full loads) 40~60 (de-rating)
AltitudeOperating 5000m, non-operating 16000m
Protection   ClassIP21
Battery   Temperature SensorBTS -Optional remote battery temperature sensor for increased charging   precison
Terminal Size   (5ne/ single wire)#8 AWG