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10.24KWH Lithium Battery Pack
51.2VDC 10.24KWH lithium battery pack configurates with 32PCS 100AH LiFePO4 battery, intelligent BMS system, CAN & RS485 communication port.
Key Features

 32PCS 100AH LiFePO4 battery inside

 51.2VDC 10.24KWH rated capacity

 IP31 protection, indoor use only

 Environment requirement: 0~30℃, 65% humidity

 Customized charger make system life maximization

 High reliability intelligent BMS

 Unique automatic calibration active balancing technology BMS system

● 51.2VDC voltage output, suitable for home energy storage system, communciation stations and other application.

 Standard CAN & RS485 communication port, can meet the requirement of several packages to connect in parallel, Master & Slave relationship, Monitor and other prolongation functions.

 Lithium iron phosphate guarantees high safety, good stability and long working life with at least 3500 cycles at 80% DOD.


Nominal specification
1Rated voltage51.2V
2Rated capacity200Ah
3Rated energy10.24KWH
4Battery configuration16S2P
5Battery cell100AH
Standard Charge
1Battery operation   temperature range @ charging0~45
2Max charge voltage56.8±0.4V
3Rated charge voltage56.0±0.4V
4Allowed MAX charge current120A
5Rated charge current100A
6Over charge protection   releaseRestart   the battery
Standard Discharge
1Battery operation   temperature range @ discharging - 20~60
2Output voltage range40~56V
3Allowed MAX discharge   current200A
4Peak discharge current240A 5s
5Rated discharge current200A
6Discharge cut-off voltage40V
7Over discharge protection   releaseCharging   or release load and restart
Operation and Indicator
1Power switchON: all function start
OFF: all function shut down
2Run LED (green)Lighting: System working normal
Flash: System standby
3Alarm LED (red)Lighting: System fault
Flash: System warning
4SOC LED (4pcs green)

LED1LED2LED3LED4 flash in turn
LED1 lighting, LED2LED3LED4 flash in turn
LED1LED2 lighting,   LED3LED4 flash in   turn
LED1LED2 lighting,   LED3LED4 flash in   turn
LED1LED2LED3 lighting, LED4 flash
LED1LED2LED3LED4 lighting
LED1LED2LED3 lighting, LED4 off
LED1LED2 lighting,   LED3LED4 off

LED1 lighting, LED2LED3LED4 off
LED flash, LED2LED3LED4 off

1RS485For LCD remote control (optional)
2CANPC control and monitor (one communication CAN card support ten packs parallel)
Mechanical Characteristics
1DimensionL*M*H (unit) = 850*550*190mm
L*M*H (shipping) = 925*610*380mm
2WeightN.W.: 105KG
G.W.: 125KG
Storage and Transportation Requirements
1Storage TemperatureLess than   1 month- 20~35 
Less than 6 month- 10~30
2Storage Humidity45~75% RH
3SOC Storage60~75% SOC
Transport45~55%   SOC