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MSB1 Series On / Off Grid Hybrid Inverter
MSB1 integrates charge, energy and photovoltaic inverter, BMS battery management system in one. It can automatically judge the off grid / grid connection mode, and connect to the smart grid.
Key Features

● Efficient

   Professional BMS battery management system, lead-acid batttery and lithium iron are compatible.

   Setting battery charging current available according to different battery type.

   Combination of grid and off grid inverter, it not only reserve surplus power on grid status, but also using as UPS when off grid.

   Monitor battery design for easy extension.

● Smart

   Friendly HMI, LCD color screen.

   Equipment with variety of communication ways: RS485(standard), USB(standard), GPRS200(standard), WIFI(optional), diesel communication interface(optional)

● Reliable

   With grid anti feedback function.

   Perfect after-sale service.

● Simple

   Home appliance design, easy to operation.

   Small in size, light in weight, easy to install.

● Monitoring solution

   WIFI 200, GPRS 200

   PhoneExpert, InfoExpert, Monitoring Center


 Input (PV)
 Max. DC input power (W)3300660033006600
 Max. DC input voltage (Vdc)500
 Start voltage (Vdc) / Min. operation voltage (V)100/80
 MPPT operating range (Vdc) / Rated input   voltage (V)120~450
Max. input current (A)13A13Ax213A13Ax2
 Number of MPPT / String per MPPT1/12/11/12/1
Short circuit current (A)15.615.6x215.615.6x2
AC output 1 (grid)
 Nominal output power (W)3000400030004000
 Rated grid voltage (V)208/220/230/240 (single phase)
 Rated grid frequency (Hz)50/60
 Grid voltage range (V)180~270
 Grid frequency range (Hz)45~55  /   55~65 
 Rated output current (A)13201320
 Power factor   0.99 (± 0.95 adjustable)
  THDI< 3% (at rated power)
 Max. efficiency97.20%97.70%97.20%97.70%
 Euro efficiency96.50%97.00%96.50%97.00%
AC output 2 (Load)
Rated output power (KW/KVA)3000460030004600
Rated output voltage (V)208/220/230/240 (±2%)
Rated output frequency (Hz)50/60 (±2%)
Off-network switching time20ms
Voltage harmonic distortion3%   (rated power)
Peak power/ duration150%/ 10s
 Rated voltage (V)48
 Voltage range (setable)   (V)40~60
 Battery typeLithium battery or Lead-acid battery
 Battery capacity/2.4KWH~12KWH (adjustable)
 Max. charging current   (setable) (A)6010060100
 Max. discharging current   (setable) (A)6010060100
 Max. efficiency94.00%
 Isolation method   (photovoltaic side)Not isolation
 Isolation method (battery   side)High-frequency isolation
 Range of working   temperature ()- 10   ~ 40- 25 ~ +50     (40 derating begins)
 Operating temperature (℃) - 25 ~   60
 Relative humidity0~95%, no condensation
 Noise typical [dB (A)]≤50
 Cooling conceptAir cooling 
 Degree of protection / Altitude (m)IP20   / <1000mIP54 / <1000m
 ProtectionPV array insulation protection, PV array   leakage current protection, Ground fault monitoring, Grid monitoring, Island   protection, DC monitoring, Short surrent protection etc.
 Display   and communication
 CommunicationRS485 (standard);  WiFi, GPRS(optional)., CAN-BUS(internal   communication), USB, Genset
 Dimension (W*D*H mm)610*425*1901300*650*440
 Weight (kg)20100
 InstallationWall   mountingStanding